Model of the Day: Aoshima 1972 Nissan Laurel HC130…

Besides looking positively dope, another benefit of having some Aoshima models in the collection is I learn some good terms.  If I am going to attend the Japanese Classic Car Show next month in LA, I better at least act like I know what I am talking about.  The nicknames these cars get are just plain awesome.  Nothing tops kenmeri, but butaketsu comes close.

Just say the word “butaketsu”.  Doesn’t it sound like a word used to describe a rear end?  Because it does.  It literally means “pig’s rear end”, and that is the affectionate nickname given to the second generation Nissan Laurel.

And I guess that is an accurate description, although I am in no way an expert.  What I see is a combination of great Japanese and muscle car lines, and the result is fantastic.

As is the case with every model in this series, Aoshima captures the lines perfectly.  This is the second model we have shown at Lamley, after the hakosuka, and I promise that Aoshima went 12 for 12 on this set.  We will make sure every model is shown in due time, including a rare chase model that happened to be in the set I bought.

Aoshima are hard to come by, but surely worth hunting down, especially if your interests involve anything Japanese.

Aoshima 1972 Nissan Laurel HC130 (Series 6):

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