The identity crisis at Hot Wheels continues…

At some point here at Lamley we will do a year-in-review, and undoubtedly one of themes for 2012 we will touch on is the body switching going on over at Hot Wheels.

We already documented, and tried to makes sense of, the great Mustang body switches between the 2010 GT and 2012 Laguna Seca.  Now if that was not enough, along come more models trying their best to be something else:

Kroger exclusive Camaro ZL1 with Camaro Convertible Concept base:

All this car wanted to do was enjoy the sun and the wind.  Instead, it just ended up with a toothless grill.

Corvette Z06 as the Corvette Grand Sport:

As reported by Keith Hoskins, aka 911diecast on HWC.  The Grand Sport body is appearing in the Z06’s clothes.  The best way to tell is the side vents.  Comparison pic of the correct bodies below:

and to further confuse…

Corvette Grand Sport with ZR1 base:

Something I found in my travels, 2012 Fire Chief version of the Grand Sport sporting a ZR1 base.  Seems like a “Six Degrees of…” game between the Vettes.

Ferrari 458 Spider with Ferrari 458 interior:

with correct interior:

with incorrect Italia 458 interior:

These photos were taken by HWC member thuntcamaro, of a case of a closed in interior escaping to see what all the fuss being a convertible was about.

Dodge Challenger Concept as the Dodge Challenger SRT:

As reported by HWC member doomus, from a photo he found (and added his comments).  The correct version is on the right, without the sunroof.  That is the Concept casting.  The SRT has the sunroof.

With so many Vettes, Camaros, and Mustangs, there is bound to be more, so keep your eyes open…

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5 Replies to “The identity crisis at Hot Wheels continues…”

  1. About the Challenger, I forget who reported it, but it was in the New England area (something about a Rhode Island club or something was mentioned). It was posted in the mainline forum, and I (thankfully) saved the pic before the thread got 'deleted' for some unknown stupid reason by a mod. Tried getting a mod to find it but to no avail. So I reposted the pic in the varis and errors board (after I added that it wasn't my pic on my photobucket load). Unknown what store it was found at, but definitely one to keep an eye out for. I know I will be!


  2. Oh, I forgot to add… Don't be surprised if we see some of the upcoming Hot Ones series '84 SVO Mustangs w/ bases marked for the '92 Mustang, based on pics on the HWC site, it appears that the '84 SVO was adapted from the '92 casting, so the bases will most likely be interchangeable.


  3. Thanks to this blog, I've been able to find the blue Laguna Seca with the 2010 GT body, and just the other day the Corvette Z06 with a Grand Sport body, both on short card. 🙂

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