Variation alert: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX with OH5 wheels…

This is a model that keeps on giving.  Not only is it one of my favorite HW Ferraris, its debut in the mainline has been fun for collectors of the model.  Not only is it one of the Secret Supers this year, it now boasts what is so far a hard-to-find wheel variation.

As reported by a few members of HWC, the 599XX has appeared with OH5 wheels in place of the normal MC5s.  So far it appears that most of them are being found at Kroger stores along with the yellow Camaro exclusive.  Want to get a little more specific?  Most so far have been found in the west, and a few have been reported in Tucson.  How’s that for specific?  (Phoenicians, are you hitting your Fry’s?)

And as I have made very clear, wheel variations on models like this are must-haves for me.  So when this was reported, out came the trade arsenal, a trade was finalized, and the OH5 Ferrari arrived yesterday.

And boy, did it arrive:

This is clearly the most creative packaging I have ever seen.  It even came with directions!  And that last part of the instructions?  Yes, I am enjoying it.  I promise.

Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX with OH5 wheels:

HW Ferrari 599XX for sale

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  1. John,

    Have a transition piece. Open in the back and closed in the front.



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