Announcing a new Lamley Partner: Daboxtoys Model Cars…

It is been an absolute pleasure to work on this blog the last few months.  I wanted to create a place for diecast collectors of all types and from all places to congregate and focus on how cool these little cars can be.

As I have said, the response has been overwhelming, and one of the great aspects of doing this is meeting great people and being introduced to other aspects of the hobby.

And that is why I am very pleased to announce a new partnership with Daboxtoys Model Cars out of Hong Kong.  It was last week that I put up my first post about Japanese diecast brands, including Tomica and Kyosho.  As I have talked with collectors, I have learned that there are many fans out there of both brands, but the problem has been access to them.  In order to get the latest models, it would require knowing a friend in Japan, paying crazy prices on ebay, or trying to navigate Yahoo Auctions Japan.

So it is our hope here at the Lamley Group that we can bring current and potential collectors of these amazing models together with sellers who have them at reasonable prices and shipping costs.  And we found just the group to do that.

Daboxtoys Model Cars specializes in brands like Kyosho, Tomica (including Limited Vintage), Greenlight, and many others.  And the company’s owner, Felix, a passionate collector himself, is hoping that many more people from around the world have access to them.  That is why he has joined the Lamley Group as a partner and if offering a special discount to all Lamley followers.

First, a little about Felix, in his words:

I started collecting toy cars when I was 2 years old with Tomica, Matchbox, Majorette, and Hot Wheels.  My first English words were Toyota and Honda.  When I was little, my favorite thing to do was to look out from the window of my dad’s car and name every single car that we might pass by.  Yes, I am sure he found me annoying too.  As you can see, cars and model cars are my life.  Little do I know that it would turn into my career.
Daboxtoys was started back in 2003 as an eBay shop as it was (and still is) where collectors go to find collectibles.  I used to only collect 1:64 scale models so this is what I started with.  The word “Daboxtoys” might not seem like a word or might be hard to pronounce but it does have a meaning behind it.  When I was a child, my favorite moment of all is when I open “the” “box” of a diecast car like a Matchbox. I always found it mesmerizing that a little car inside a box can make me so happy. 
Since 2003, the shop has grown to offer a variety of brands and a variety of scales as well but it didn’t really take off until 2010.  In 2010, I finally decided to quit my uninspiring job to do this full time.  And how I wish I have started earlier as I simply love every minute of it.  I always believe that if I love doing something, others will feel and appreciate my passion too.  Since 2010, I have added more than 20 brands to my shop and received close to 4,000 positive feedbacks.  My aspirations come a lot from meeting fellow collectors so I started our Facebook Page which to my surprise (and everyone else) have gathered over 4,000 collectors from all over the world by January, 2012.
Today, we are not only a retailer but a sole distributor for GreenLight Models (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau) and worldwide distributor for XCO Models.  There will be a lot more exciting projects in our plans including making special edition models, collectors gathering and trips, and much more.
We are not just a shop but a platform for collectors to gather, share, and talk about the passion of our lives which is model cars.

We will be highlighting many of these great models in the coming weeks, and you will be surprised to see there is something for everyone, no matter what you like to collect.  Some models you will be seeing soon here on the blog:


Tomica (Limited, Limited Vintage, Basic):

I promise you will enjoy seeing these and many other models, and I hope you take advantage of this new partnership and use Daboxtoys Model Cars to acquire a few of them.  Felix will be most obliged to hope you grow your collection.

You will not find better prices, nor better shipping costs, especially with the Lamley Group discount.  Remember to use the code word “Lamley” at checkout to get the 7.5% discount through September 30th…

Welcome Felix!

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