First Look: Hot Wheels Honda S2000 recolor…

It is always great when I get my hands on a new version of one of my favorite models.  In this case, the absolutely fantastic Hot Wheels S2000.

It is a model that has grown on me with every version.  If you would have asked me before the casting came out, I would told you I much preferred a stock version.  But this Ryu Asada-designed speedster, modified with a fantastic body kit, keep growing and growing on me.  And I have loved this drift version this year, and now we have one in maroon with PR5 wheels.  I hope we can even see a third color.  For now I am more than happy with four versions this year – the two colors, a  Super Hunt, and the extremely rare Super wheel variation.

I have to say, this Japanese Car Renaissance at Mattel led by Jun Imai and Ryu Asada is making a lot of collectors happy, and bringing more car enthusiasts into the hobby.  Now to get a couple of stock JDM cars out of Matchbox.  Don’t worry, while I have their ear as Ambassador, they just might get sick of hearing about it.

Hot Wheels Honda S2000 (2012 basic recolor):

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