Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Maserati MC12…

With the Gathering, new batches from Matchbox and Hot Wheels, profiling my Japanese kick, and all kinds of other goings on, we haven’t had much of a chance to jump into some past models.

Happily, we have a chance, so let’s look at a seldom-used Hot Wheels casting of pretty darn cool car.  The Maserati MC12 debuted as a Hot Wheels car in 2005, and has since been used once more, as a Mystery Car in blue (not counting the FTE version of the FE).  Why it hasn’t been used more is beyond me, but considering the Quattroporte was only used once, my guess is a licensing snag.

Now normally I would not be happy that we haven’t seen future versions, but with this car we don’t need anymore.  Maserati produced them all to look like this, and some owners have repainted theirs later.  I guess it would be nice to see some creative colors on the casting, but this one is great in its signature white and blue, and I am happy just to have this one.

And Hot Wheels captured it darn near perfectly.  It is long, low, and wide, the (somewhat) gentler-looking cousin of the Enzo.  And Hot Wheels spoiled us with a full-tampo treatment.

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Hot Wheels Maserati MC12 (2005 First Editions):

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