Lamley Group Model of the Day: Tomica Toyota 86 in red and "special color" silver…

After my long winded post about my foray into Japanese diecast cars, I can’t stop now, so here is another, and one I am quite fond of.

However, this is not a classic Japanese car, but it is bound to become one.  The Toyota 86, or Scion FR-S, or Subaru BRZ has been an oft-discussed auto this year, especially among the nostalgic set.  Having a lightweight RWD will do that.

I have been very excited about this car, and like JNC would like to snag one and file away under “future nostalgia”.  Well, today I was tempted.  The wife and I took in her Subaru Tribeca to the dealership for some upkeep, and the whole drive there I quietly wished for something to be in the parking lot.  We got there, were told it would take about 45 minutes, and I shrugged my shoulders and looked at here with a “what to do?” glance.

I knew what to do.  Off to the showroom floor, where this was parked outside:

I started chatting with Mario, the salesperson, and got him to open the door.  We continued to chat, and I got him to give me the key.  Further chatting convinced him to make a copy of my license.  Finally Mario was waving to my wife and I as we took the BRZ out for a spin.

I am still smiling.  My wife is just happy no one pulled us over, considering the I-15 is littered with public servants and I was trying to see how high the digital display numbers could go.

But what else are you going to do with a RWR car and a manual transmission?  (By the way, I want to meet the person that buys one of these as an automatic…)  We flew through some mid-day Salt Lake traffic and then gave the car back to Mario.

Word is they are taking delivery of a BRZ Limited in white tomorrow.  No one has reserved it.  It hurts me that I am not snagging it.  One day…

Anyway, I hope to see a diecast company do the BRZ.  I am a Subaru nut with two in my garage, so it is probably appropriate for me to take the Subie side.  But even without a BRZ I can still scratch that itch with the Tomica Toyota 86.

The Tomica comes in two colors – standard in red, and a special limited version in silver.  And I just learned about a special dealer version in black.  If I can get my hands on that one it will of course be featured here.

So until I get my real BRZ, Tomica’s 86 will do just fine…

Tomica Toyota 86 (red and silver):

5 Replies to “Lamley Group Model of the Day: Tomica Toyota 86 in red and "special color" silver…”

  1. Is it just me or is there more than a little '93 Supra (minus the easter-basket-handle wing of course) in the styling of this?

    Funny, the standard-color red paint does a better job of covering up the mold parting lines than the “premium” silver one. In either event I like Tomica's toy wheels better than the FR-S' or BRZ's actual split 5-spoke wheels.

  2. Anonymous, there will be a Tomica Limited version by Christmas, which should have prototypical wheels and even more painted-on details.

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