First Look: Hot Wheels ’10 Toyota Tundra recolor…

Well, here at the Lamley Group we have been threatening for some time that the blog is going to jump headfirst into the large world that is Japanese diecast.  He have seen HW Hondas, Nissans, and Toyotas, as well as Matchbox Mitsus and Subarus so far.

But when we mean jumping in, we mean DIVING in.  Not only Japanese carmakers, but diecast makers like Tomica.  Why am I saying all this on a post about the Toyota Tundra?  Because I want to make it clear that this is not the post officially opening up our Japanese car coverage.

Why would it be?  Yes, the Tundra shares the same parents as the 2000GT, but it could not be more American.  The US is about big sodas, big coffees, and super big pickups, and this Tundra casting is a perfect representation of that.  I swear I have seen those rims pass me at eye-level on the freeway.

And so here it is, now flashing a nice yellow with black trim.  I like it.  I really liked the black, but I will keep the yellow as well.

And as always, you can grab this and all the other models we feature over at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels ’10 Toyota Tundra (2012 New Models)…

And a small family portrait:

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  1. apparently there's a variation on the black one–tailgate handle or no tailgate handle. Early-run versions had no tailgate handle, while later ones had the feature added.

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