Matchbox Ambassador: Do you have any questions for the Mattel Team you would like me to ask?

It is time to start my job as Matchbox Ambassador…

As we approach August, I want to make sure that Ambassador reports and updates are out on a regular monthly basis.  It may not mean I will have photos of upcoming models then and there, but I can at least submit collector questions to Mattel and work to get responses.

So if you have any questions, reply to this post, email them to, or submit them on the Lamley Facebook page.  I will submit all that are relevant, and please understand that there is no guarantee that Mattel will answer them.

Thanks everyone…

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  1. With teh addition of the Range Rover Evoque to the 2013 range, will there be a 5 pack of Range Rover Evoque, Sport, Land Rover 90, land Rover 110 and Discovery/LR4 or Freelander/LR2, it would be great if we could

  2. It pleases me that this is role is being taken a little more seriously than the previous incumbent –

    Being a good bloke counts for nothing – the ability to communicate and update does. 2011/12 was a huge let down – carried away with the kudos more than anything else.

    This bodes well for 2012/13 – thanks John – questions submitted via the MCF.

  3. John congratulations on the title of ambassador, and please give strength to our campaign in Brazil to make a matchbox mattel bring the brand back into our country to be sold for we lovers of this brand will thank you.

  4. First of all: Congratulations on the title! I really envy you, because in my country the local Mattel office does not care about us collectors at all.

    My question would be: What about Convoy Series? Any plans to continue the good old 1:1xx eighteen wheelers?

  5. Hello.

    My first major question would be. Will the MATCHBOX website ever be updated? It is a huge slice of advertising going to waste. So much more could be done to keep this site up to date and running as smoothly as it's blue counterpart.

    My second Question. Do Mattel have any plans to make the Matchbox brand stand out again in Europe? The brand seems to have lost it's footing completely. Some kids here in the UK havn't even heard of the Matchbox brand yet know what the hotwheels brand is. Which is really sad as the UK is the birthplace of Matchbox.

  6. Thank you for taking the communities most asked questions for answering from Mattel, and Congratulations on the Ambassadorship!

    1. Will there be a 2013 Poster? (Whether computerized or on a piece of paper)

    2. How come not all of the 20 2011 New Models were in the 2012 line-up? I thought that they would always use all the new models made the year before in the next year's line-up, but that didn't happen for 2012. (Porsche Panamera, Infinite G37, Cadillac CTS Coupe, etc.)

    Will more sports cars be used in the 2013 line-up?


  7. First off, Congrats to you John! Your Matchbox insight and cataloging has always been a great tool for me, and I'm sure many others.

    I'm sure I'll think of other things down the road, but the first thing that came to mind was….Does matchbox intend on bringing back the “All Exclusive” 10…ummm, 9 pack? Good luck to you this year, and I'll be following on the Lamly/MCCH sites!

  8. My question is a boring one and probably has to do with costs, but I'll lob it anyway: it goes to the versatility of the tooling.

    There are a number of excellent cars that could be multipurpose castings: Dodge Monaco, Mitsu Lancer Evo, Subaru WRX and the new Buick Century two-door casting are the four that pop immediately to mind. Each of these is available exclusively as a police car. I guess my question is, why?

    Why not have the option to make any or all of these civilian models, and have the light bar be added on, rather than an integral part of the casting? Why not make a basic sedan that can be added onto, rather than be confined to a single version? A competitive diecast company (competitive, in that they make 3-inch diecast now and again) tools a car as a sedan, and then adds holes for the added-on light bar/taxi sign/pizza delivery sign if needed. If it's a plain sedan, no holes are drilled and the bodies are prepped and painted; if it's a police car or taxi, a single run through a press to drill a hole or two in the roof is an extra added step.

    I know that tampo hits boil down to cost (materials, set-up etc). As something that could save on materials (ie, no light bar for a civvie version) and therefore costs, would it not increase flexibility (and your designers' freedom with the designs on existing tooling, and your marketing peoples' grouping of castings in their varied segments) while zeroing out costs?

    I look forward to the rest of this year, 2013, and beyond!


  9. Hello John. Congratulations on your new role as the ambassador. I`m sure this is a great honor!
    Everytime i browse your site, i feel tempted to free some of mine minis, but i am still lacking the guts… Someday i will open at least a t-hunt, i promise!
    I am one more to ask for a Matchbox return to Brazil. I see that a new line from Mattel will not create a competition with the Hot Wheels. Instead, the Matchbox will be a complement, a very welcome one. We are seeing Greenlights and Johnnies, as well as some M2s, but their distribution is very limited. With the logistics Mattel already have here in Brazil, the collectors will be very pleased!

  10. Two questions from me:

    1st, assuming the website will be resurected, will we be able to purchase the entire line from it? It would be a massive convenience to shop for models this way. In fact, it would be a virtual version of the 1960s and 70s when one could stroll into a toy store, select a model from the display case, and be done with it. Even better if the “waves” went away and the entire line for whichever year could be available.

    2nd, I am an industrial designer, multiple-classic car owner and lifetime diecast collector. How can I get an audience with your group to be considered for the team?


  11. RWR whatever happened with the tree trimmer truck I thought Jason Ilyes found one but was it ever released? never saw the green crop sprayer as well looks like they have come and gone will they reappear later?

  12. Matthew, this is truly sad what you say, but very similar to what is happening in Hungary. In my country in the spoken language Matchbox is the equivalent of “die-cast car”, still Mattel is pushing Hot Wheels. I see in the hypermarkets and in toy stores those huge “pillars” full with Hot Wheels and only a fraction of that amount of Matchboxes on those “needles” on walls. 8-(

  13. Hi why did you drop the Routemaster bus without warning or a commemorative version last year? doesn't make much sense especially in the year of the London olympics.

  14. John, I sent these asnks to your e-mail too… As every collector Brazil would do, my first question is about the Matchbox in the Brazilian market … Could you ask for Mattel's staff what they think about the fact of Matchbox are not sold on the brazilian bigest market? Even the Brazilian market is huge, with many millions of people = so much money to Mattel…

    Ask if possible, after the VW Saveiro, there is some more brazilian car model to be produced in Matchbox line?

    I would also like to know if the models MB490 and MB543 Nissan Xterra, will again be produced, line with the 120, 5 packs or sets…

  15. Would there be any consideration of perhaps an articulated bus such as the Orion Ikarus or the New Flyer D60LFR in the RWR series?

    Also, whatever happened to the Seagrave Meanstick that came out? And the Ford F350 Mini pumper…I would absolutely love to see a re-issue of those models.

    Lastly, will there be an update to the Dodge Charger to make it more in line with the face lift it received? Perhaps a police version?

    Lastly, I would like to Suggest the Carbon E7 as a possible supplement to the lineup of excellent emergency vehicles being produced these days!

  16. I don't have a question but I would like to pass a comment back to the Matchbox Team. I think they should really think about the use of metal versus plastic in models.

    The 2012 Ford F-550 Superduty looks terrible with that big white plastic thing on the back. It would have looked so much nicer if the utility box was in diecast and part of the cab. Then you could make the load plastic and part of the interior. It would be the same number of pieces and look so much better.

    Plus the metal box would give the Matchbox Team more area for graphics. The interior could be changed to coordinate with the graphics ie: Plumbing, Construction, Fire, Lifeguard, etc. You could even have an empty one.

    I know the plastic utility box allows the Team to change the rear of the truck with minimal cost but the big plastic thing on the rear just cheapens the look of the model.

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