First Look: Hot Wheels Mad Manga recolor…

Bosozoku style in all its glory returns again this year with the Mad Manga going deliciously red and gold.

I seriously don’t think a Hot Wheels model, let alone a generic, has been discussed more than the Mad Manga.  The initial shock among muscle-car collecting members at HWC was pure entertainment, and led to great discussions on unique car cultures from around the world.  Hooray for the Mad Manga for bringing us all together…

Now whether or not its purpose is to bring world peace, this loosely-based C110 model is just too cool.  Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that Hot Wheels gets a star on the board for doing it.  Designer Jun Imai has opened up a new world to collectors, full of Kens and Marys and birds that are blue, and he took a step further with this one.  Here’s hoping the future brings a whole lot more of Japan to Mattel.

I can’t speak for Mattel in this area, but I can speak for the Lamley Group.  The world of Japanese diecast is huge, and correlates closely with the growing JNC movement here in the US.  We are diving straight in.  In the coming weeks, prepare to dive in with us.  I promise it will be worth it.

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Japan is coming to Lamley…

Click here for the new Mad Manga…

Hot Wheels Mad Manga (2012 New Models recolor):

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Mad Manga recolor…”

  1. The base/tampo like coloring works loads better with the red release than the base/body coloring did for the purple release. The body work is a bit more appreciable when you can tell the base and body apart.

  2. Not that big on this recolor, personally. Maybe if it was more of a red than an orange, I'd like it more.

    And I still say Jun should have designed it to have normal small wheels, not the x-small wheels. But oh well, still a cool take on an international car culture look.


  3. If it was more red than orange, I'd like it more. Still an interesting take on a different car culture.

    Though I think Jun should have designed it to take the normal small wheels than x-small wheels, there's a bunch of wheels that would look cool on this model but they won't fit the wheel wells, lol


  4. The Bosozoku movement has finally become prevalent in the US. I am glad HW is branching out. I have the purple one. May pick up this one, too.


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