As is the Custom: My faves from the week (all found at the Gathering…)

We will resume our regular “As is the Custom” feature next week.  I have come across some very cool customs, and I as usual I will show them next Saturday.  We also have one of the best customizers on the planet preparing a rundown on some of his favorite pieces, so stay tuned.  Customs will always be a big part of the Lamley Group Blog.  Be sure to Like us on Facebook so you know when new features are up.

This week we do something slightly different.  When I was at the Gathering last week, there was a small custom contest, so I took some pics (albeit bad pics) of some of my favorites.  I also ran into Brian “Steady Hands” Laurence, who had some of his latest customs on hand, which he allowed me to photograph.

Many thanks for letting me photograph these, and enjoy the pieces:

Gathering contest:

From Brian:

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