Exclusive photos of the Mattel-donated prepros Part 2: Lesney BMW X5, GMC School Bus, and Ford Panel Delivery Van…

Let us continue our up-close look at the preproduction models donated by Mattel to the Gathering charity auction.

If you missed Part 1, which explained a little more about the purpose of these prepros, click below:

Part 1

Part 2 features three more models, the Lesney Edition X5 with a metal base, an unpainted and unriveted and unpainted GMC School Bus, and the very popular Ford Panel Van, unriveted and taped.

One great thing about these models is they come exactly as Mattel found them in the prepro drawer.  Some have old rubber bands that just stay in place, others, like the Panel, have old tape attached that was obviously used to keep the model together for inspection.  Being that way definitely gives them a sense of history.

One thing I didn’t do, and should have, was photograph the bases.  Some were blank, others fully done just like the final model.  All had “ABQ 10” written, melted, or scratched into the base to signify that these models came willingly from Mattel, and not unwillingly under a table from somewhere else.  There are a couple of models that have bases that I photographed, and I will show those later.

In the meantime, enjoy these:

Part 2: Matchbox Lesney Edition X5 (unpainted, riveted, metal base), GMC School Bus (unpainted, unriveted, and Ford Panel Van (unriveted, taped):

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