Family Portrait: The Hot Wheels AMC Javelin collection of HWC’s1.eyed.jack…

I love family portraits. No, not those hanging on the walls of many homes that reveal bad hair choices made in the past. Nor the process of standing awkwardly while an over zealous photographer gets to know me a little too well while positioning me for a photo I don’t want to be a part of. Of, and persists on calling my father “dad”, as in “ok dad, let’s have you sit here and we will put mom here and sis here and…”. You get the picture (so to speak).

Anyway, the family portraits I am referring to photos done by collectors of their entire collection of one casting. That could include colors, wheel variations, etc. I am a completist of many models, and enjoy taking those pics as well. And I will show a few in the future.

But I also like showing those from other collectors. In this case, HWC member 1.eyed.jack posted a pic of his Javelin collection. Jack is to the HW Javelin what I am to, say, the HW Datsun Bluebird 510 (among many others). If there is a variation, I want it.

And I thought Jack’s collection was cool to see. I even had a hand in helping him. The OH5 10-pack version in metallic brown was one I found, and traded it to Jack for a very rare 10sp Nissan GT-R in black. We both made out very well in that trade.

If you have a family portrait you want to share, post on the Lamley Group Facebook page or email it to

Thanks Jack!

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