First Look: Hot Wheels Angry Birds "Red Bird"…

After the whirlwind week last week, dominated by the orange brand (and a few Japanese brands, but we will get to that later), let’s jump back to the blue brand for a bit.  Like I said last week, in the middle of Gathering prep, HW dumped a brand new batch on us, and there are some fantastic (and somewhat intriguing) models in the batch.

Fantastic?  The Beetle.  The Ferrari recolor.  The Focus RS.  The Falcon (coming).  The Mad Manga recolor (coming).
Intriguing?  The Mystery Machine (coming).  The one below:
Yes, I have played Angry Birds.  All versions of the game are on my iPhone and iPad.  I enjoy them when I play them.  I wish I invented the game.  I think in a few years we will all enjoy looking back on the Angry Birds craze, and enjoy reminiscing about the band aids, vitamins, and all the other gadgets and gizmos plastered with unhappy legless birds and evil pig heads.  I think the Hot Wheels version is cute.  I don’t think it will join the collection.  I think recolors will be hard, but I also think Hot Wheels will find a way.  I think I am done with static sentences for now.
Wait.  I think you should go to Wheel Collectors and buy it.  Or buy other models from batch P.
I have the Angry Birds tune in my head.
I will shut up now.  Here are the pics:
Hot Wheels Red Bird (2012 New Models):

Pig’s view:

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Angry Birds "Red Bird"…”

  1. I have Angry Birds too. It's boring and kinda stupid in my opinion. The car is exactly what I thought it would be like, which means I won't be getting it.

  2. This car is quite funny! It's typical for Hot Wheels.I remember back in 1995 when that Speed-A-Saurus was released. Nowadays we have some recognizable characters, in this case video game characters, with wheels. :)Will try to get as much as I can!

  3. This is useless. Hot Wheels, have you lost your mind? Please go back to making 'real' cars and not birds and animals with wheels. It's completely pointless. Please make cars you used to make a couple of years ago. – Renesis, Swifty's Garage

  4. Angry Birds is just a simple slingshot game that somebody invented some cartoon characters for and marketed the heck out of, nothing groundbreaking. As for the "car", it's cute but appears to be all plastic. I'd probably snatch one off the shelf, but no way I'm paying for it.

  5. I'll need to get quite a few of these. One for me and each of my nephews. I can understand why collectors wouldn't like it, but it is kinda cool, and given the popularity of Angry Birds, it will be a hit with kids and adults. But it may have made more sense to release these as a separate series much like the Speed Racer cars instead of in the mainline range.

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