First Look: Hot Wheels "Non-Super" Ford Focus RS…

My juggling act between Hot Wheels and Matchbox continues.  I am here in Albuquerque, and already have some things to show.  That will come in a bit.
For now, how about the new Focus?  We spend so much time looking at the Super Hunts, and the new Focus Super is one of my faves of the year.  But the basic model is nothing to shake a stick at.
I have really liked this casting since its debut, but it has been slightly underused.  That is ok, as long as they keep producing versions like this one.  Our UK friends should enjoy it.
This, and the Super, is available at Wheel Collectors, and as always it is 10% off if you mention the Lamley Group…
Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS (2012 basic range):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels "Non-Super" Ford Focus RS…”

  1. I'm glad at least one of the front lights look good. They were terrible on the green one. The left one on this looks good. Right one doesn't, though…oh well, one of my favorite cars in 1:1, and I like the tampos on this one.

  2. Ahhh! What a lovely car! And thank you for completing my wish of showing the normal version.

    – Renesis, Swifty's Garage.

  3. Original green one is the best looking one of this casting –

    Red version – nope, doesn't do it for me – lack of detail is very evident.

    Green version is currently sitting on my desk – and the cause of the imfamous “HW Focus” post on a certain forum that saw some rather heated conversations.

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