First Look: Hot Wheels ’92 Mustang regular Treasure Hunt…

In this tennis match between the two Mattel diecast brands this weekend, the ball flies back into Hot Wheels’ court.

And we have another cool model to preview. Lost in the awesomeness that is the Secret Super is the fact that Hot Wheels has done some fantastic regular Treasure Hunts this year. You can’t always differentiate a regular hunt from a typical basic, but this year has been a lot different. Maybe no real riders, but at least you have a little extra in the design department.

The ’92 Mustang is an example. This is a great version, and I love the colors. Not a casting I am too fond of, mainly because I didn’t like the actual car, but this goes in the collection.

As always, its at Wheel Collectors.

Hot Wheels ’92 Mustang (2012 Regular Treasure Hunt):

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