The Gathering starts tomorrow: DLMer’s view of the 2010 Gathering Dinner & Early Bird 1975 Chevy Stepside Pickups…

You’d think I would have already run out of models to show here, but there is still at least one more to show before the Gathering starts.  In fact, there are several I don’t have in my possession to photograph.  At some point this week, if you visit T-Hunted, you will see all the Code 1 exclusives since 2006.  It is quite a bunch.

And here we go with yet another “can’t figure out why I like it so much” casting.  I think all collectors have a few of them.  The Chevy Stepside is one for me.  I can’t pinpoint anything specific.  The casting is definitely very nice, and there have been some great versions over the years, but maybe familiarity is the main reason.  I just remember them from being a kid.  We were not a pickup family, so pickups seemed very foreign to me.  I have vague memories of wondering why some pickups had smaller beds than others, and thinking they looked unbalanced.  I also remember having a toy version of a stepside that may have been a Tomy.  The memory is a bit fuzzy.

But for whatever reason I like this one, and have every version released so far, including the 2010 Gathering Models.  Like the 2008 Cadillac2009 Pierce Fire Truck, and the 2011 Mustang we will feature tomorrow, the Stepside came in two versions.  The light green Dinner Model and brownish red Early Bird model, which was given to the first 75 people who registered for the event.

Matchbox 1975 Chevy Stepside (2010 Gathering Dinner exclusive):

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