Have you ever wondered how far the DLM movement can go? Prepare yourself…

This model recently arrived at my house:

You may recognize some of what you see, but not all.  This is a preproduction #12 Ford GT in a sample package that Mattel used in 2003 to promote its upcoming Superfast line to vendors.  You can see the back has no barcode:

And that is pretty cool.  But what is REALLY cool about this item is the actual car.  The Ford GT in the package was never produced.  The model Mattel eventually produced matched the artwork on the card and box.  So this model is unique to this sample package, and is 1 of 2 or 3 produced.  And outside of that it is just plain fantastic looking.
But this item is not mine.  I purchased it for my Lamley partner, David Tilley.  I have hinted on this blog that DT is an epic DLMer, and anyone who knows him can confirm that.  He has caused literal gasps by opening all kinds of rarities, including items like this one.
And this one will suffer the same fate.  Since this model would be quietly freed when it eventually arrives at its new home in the UK, DT has given me permission to add some flair to its DLMing and open it at the upcoming Gathering.  I am sure Jim Gallegos will make sure emergency services are on hand in case any collectors can’t take the cruelty, and we will be sure to document the whole thing in photos and post them here.  Maybe a warning for those with weak hearts will accompany it.
Yes, this extremely rare model, acquired for a hefty price, will be DLM’d.  Remember, I wasn’t kidding when I stated that DT is the DLM king.  He will prove it once again…

7 Replies to “Have you ever wondered how far the DLM movement can go? Prepare yourself…”

  1. depends on how many there are, if this is indeed a 1 of 1 then it should remain as it is, if there are more than one, then go for it, rip it open as someone else will have one that will remain untouched

  2. This is a very nice model, don't get me wrong, but opening it, being there is only 2 or 3 known, is just destroying its history. Even though I'm a Hot Wheels collector, I stil have feelings for Matchbox. :p Even though I love seeing your pictures of the loose cars, this one I can live without seeing it loose..

  3. Lunacy… but no one ever said the Brits were famous for good decision making. Want to brag about "opening something up?" Go buy a Ferrari and open up the throttle. Anything else is just child's play.

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