Gathering Week: DLMer’s view of the 2008 Gathering Ford F-100 Panel Delivery…

The week continues, as does our look at some of the past Gathering exclusives.  I hope you see how special these models are as we show them.  The Matchbox team pulls out all the stops for these, and they are pretty darn cool.

The Ford Panel is another example.  This is a casting I don’t collect, but it would be hard to pry this one from me.  The spectraflame gold paired with the Matchbox colors and design is just way cool.  And some of the other details on the rear and front make it even better.

Just getting your hands on one of these models is reason enough to go.  Of course, after your first visit, you return for other reasons.  It is just a fun weekend all around.

Matchbox Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (2008 Gathering Convention exclusive):

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