Gathering Week: DLMer’s view of the 2006 Gathering Ford Crown Victoria Police…

As we continue our look at some of the past Gathering models, another early Mattel Code 1.

Like the Jag, the 2006 convention model was used for both the New Mexico and Hershey, PA shows.  All exclusives after that were unique to the Albuquerque Gathering.  The Crown Vic is another “into the golden age” Matchbox models.  Like the Jag E-Type, the CV actually made its debut at the Gathering, and appeared a short time later in stores.  I remember collectors returning from the show singing praises of what they saw, and these two exclusives were big reasons.

This remains a fantastic police casting, and with several great police castings that followed (Monaco, Subaru, Mitsu, Buick, upcoming Dodge Charger and Ford Explorer), we have created quite a fleet.

Matchbox Ford Crown Victoria Police (2006 Gathering/Event exclusive):

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