First Look: Hot Wheels Nostalgia Ozzy Osbourne ’66 Dodge A100…

Definitely file this one under “Models I don’t think I will like, shouldn’t like, have no reason to like, but like.”

I am not a huge fan of the Nostalgia series.  I tend to go for realism, and having Ozzy’s face printed on the roof of a van doesn’t seem too real…or does it!?!  (queue eery music)

When Wheel Collectors sent me this model, one look and I knew I liked it.  Cool spooky scene painted on the side of a classic van.  Realism?  Yeah, totally.

When I was 14 I delivered newspapers to one of the members of the band Kansas.  It was an afternoon paper, so would usually wander by on my bike at about 3:30 pm.  He was usually outside the front of his very nice house, shirtless with a cigarette and a beer, working in his garden.  He had supercool hair, let the cigarette dangle perfectly off his bottom lip, and was always already to give me helpful pointers about life.  I am going to assume I pledged that I would never share this life-changing advice he gave, so I won’t share it, or maybe I am afraid that one day my mom will read this post.

Anyway, he had the coolest RV, with some snazzy murals on the side.  They were nothing like the images on the side of Ozzy’s van, but still freakin cool.  At least to a 14-year-old who learned a lot of things they didn’t teach in school.  When I saw Ozzy’s van, I instantly remembered the RV, and the awesome advice.  So I guess the Nostalgia Series actually works…

Hot Wheels ’66 Dodge A100 (Nostalgia Series):

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  1. What an intriguing lesson! You are an adult so don't be a miser and share it with younger generations) Maybe that lesson will be useful for them! A wave of nostalgy faced me thanks to your post, too. Soon black sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne will perform in UK. I thought of going there and now I know I will definitely go! Thanks to your post, thanks to your post…

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