Matchbox Monday: The other models from Matchbox Batch J that struck my fancy…

After seeing the latest Ambassador report, I look at the current Matchbox models a little differently, and it makes it easier to put up this post.  

After showing the magnificent Seagrave a few days ago, there was not as much excitement showing the other models from the batch.  But after seeing the fantastic models Matchbox has coming, showing these becomes a bit easier.  Like I have said before, I don’t mind them, but I have no desire to put a Tiki Mustang in the collection.  But that matters a little less now.
So, for kicks, the other models from Matchbox Batch J that struck my fancy.  Included is the brand new Scrambulance, which apparently has a variation.  Early runs like this one have a light blue gorilla.  Later issues have a dark blue gorilla.
Soon we start first looks of Batch K, including the new BMW Police bike.
And as always, these models are available right now over at Wheel Collectors, who continue to offer 10% off the entire order of anyone who mentions the Lamley Group.

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