Hot Wheels variation alert (and it’s a doozy): Honda S2000 Super Treasure Hunt with "RRex" wheels…

If it hasn’t been made clear at this point, wheel variations are a big deal here at the Lamley Group.  They are my favorite type of variation, and if one is found on a casting I collect, the search is on.

I don’t think there is a better example than the variation I am profiling right now.  When it was first reported found, I did my customary inquiry, and after several weeks, I was able to secure a trade.  And now that I have it in hand, it is instantly my favorite variation in the collection, just barely edging out the lace-wheel Cadillac CTS.
The Super Honda S2000 with “Real Rider Exotics” was first reported found by HWC member Wicket in Germany.  That is the one I now have.  According to Wicket, two others have been found, also in Germany.  One went up on eBay, then was taken down, and now has been reportedly sold for just under $300.  I only know this because I inquired about it as well.
So right now there are only three reported found, all from Germany, and all on “Hot Wheels Racing” short cards.  I know of two mismatched wheel errors as well, also found on the short card.
As rare as wheel variations can be, it is almost unheard of to find one on a Treasure Hunt, let alone a Super Treasure Hunt.  The Supers are already rare, and factor in a wheel vari on top of that, and the RREX S2000 is bound to be a upper echelon vari among those that collect wheel variations.  Consider me VERY happy to have mine.
Since there is no report of this vari found in the US, I would keep my eyes peeled in Europe for any more…
Hot Wheels S2000 2012 Super Treasure Hunt with RR exotic wheels:

Paired with the normal “Real Rider GT” wheel version:

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  1. I think that RRex variations are very commom in international cards. Here in Portugal I know the existence of at least three of them. The same happened with the Bone Shaker, the international version had LW5SPRR front wheels.Talking about wheels variations, I'll always regreat the moment that I found two 2010 Track Stars Twin Mill with MC5 wheels variation, and I just bought one for my friend who collects errors and variations. I thought that in the next mix will be lots of them, but the truth is that I'd never see one again. I still don't know if it's rare or not but I never heard of them.

  2. Hello,
    I found your post about this Honda S2000 searching info about “RRex”… You can add one in France too… As I find one in 2012 too ! As you can imagine, it’s in short car.
    After that, I ask to a friend who live in CA to made me a triptyque about japaneses car with a Mazda RX7, and the Datsun 240Z, all in blue with this wheels !

    Best regards from France, JP.

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