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First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Mustang GT Concept…

We continue to plow through First Looks, all models that are currently available at Wheel Collectors.  Please make sure to mention the Lamley Group and get 10% off your order…

Today we jump back into the Boulevard Series.  To me this series just gets better and better.  All we are missing is more imports and supercars.  I will keep mentioning that in case anyone at Mattel is reading…

Today we have what now has be considered an oldie but goodie.  The Mustang GT Concept casting was released in 2004, and has gone through many versions.  The latest being a police design.  That police bar addition doesn’t go away here, even though the car appears to be a street version.  Maybe they lost the other roof.

I don’t mind it however.  It reminds me of a bright blue unmarked police Mustang I pass all the time in Southern Utah.  He has never pulled me over, but he sure has snagged a lot of other people.  The Mustang in bright blue, has a white Boss-type hood and side design, and large rims.  I am sure it has caught quite a few people by surprise.

This one would too, but I still think it is a street version that happens to be sporting the only roof Hot Wheels could find.

Hot Wheels Mustang GT Concept (Boulevard Series):


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