First Look: Hot Wheels Subaru WRX STI in red…

It has a crazy couple of weeks over at Wheel Collectors, where I get many of these models.  Mattel sent them a load of new stuff, and they have supplied me with several more days of First Looks, so let’s keep it going.  As always, these models are all available at Wheels Collectors

I have lots of loves in the auto and diecast world.  That is why I started the blog.  One of those loves is Subaru.  I have two of them in my garage – a 2011 Legacy and a 2012 Tribeca.  I am a big fan of both.

I wasn’t always a Subaru fan until I spent some time in my brother’s Outback.  He lives in Durango, I live in Utah.  He works for the Forest Service, I work for Forest Labs.  He drives through a ton of mountain areas.  I drive through a ton of mountain areas.  We both love Subarus.

Of course that is the mountain and snow side of the Subaru coin.  There is also the speed and agility side, and that is where the WRX STI and new BRZ fit in.  I love this new STI casting, and am hoping next year we will see a BRZ (or AE86) in the HW lineup soon.  I have to think we might.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the WRX in red…

Hot Wheels Subaru WRX STI (2012 New Models recolor):

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