First Look: Hot Wheels Kroger Exclusive Camaro ZL-1…

Sorry for the long gap between posts.  With the holiday, a nearby fire, and some hectic meetings today, it has ended up being the biggest gap between posts we have had since launching the blog.  If you visited today looking for something new, I apologize for absence.

But I am back, and there is a lot to show.  I have several First Looks to roll out, starting with one tonight.

It has been an odd year for store exclusives.  Half of the Walmart exclusives haven’t appeared at Walmart, and some of the Kroger exclusives have also been elusive.  And here is another that has been a bit slow out of the gate.  Kroger is doing a promotion in which one shopper will win a brand new Camaro, and with that contest Mattel agreed to produce a yellow ZL-1 to sell at the stores.

Well, some have appeared at Walmart, and most others have been very slow to appear at Kroger stores.  But it appears that the yellow Camaro is finally appearing, and in case you have no idea what it looks like, which would be odd, we have pics.

I have really liked the castings HW has done for the new Camaro, but none looks as good as the ZL-1 casting.  Good low stance, great detail, and super sporty.  It is by far my favorite new Camaro casting…

Hot Wheels Camaro ZL-1 in yellow (Kroger exclusive):

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  1. I would like this more if it had the yellow they used on the Reventon Roadster.PS: Hey, do you know why yellow paint always looks wird on corners of the casting, getting a lime green tone?

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