Matchbox Monday! DLMer’s view of the 2009 Gathering exclusive Pierce Dash Fire Engine…

Once again, welcome to Matchbox Monday.

It is time to start the countdown to the premiere Matchbox event of the year, the MC International Gathering of Friends on July 20-22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  And it is even extra special since this will be the 10th event.  The Lamley Group will be making the trek for the 5th time, and I could not be more excited.

In order to prepare, I thought over the next three Matchbox Mondays we would show some of the models that Mattel has done for the event.  They are always highly detailed, beautiful models done in very small numbers.  Because I have a few to show, and only three Mondays to do it, I will bookend Monday with DLMer’s views.  So one right now, and look for another in about 22 hours.

And since fire has been on my mind (and because I don’t have time to take pics right now), lets start with two of the most sought-after Gathering models.  The Pierce Dash Fire Truck has been a very popular model since it debuted in 2008, and Mattel and Jim Gallegos caused a stir when they used the Pierce as the Dinner Model given to all attendees that year.  And even better, they created a variant for the first 75 people who signed up to attend.  So take a popular casting, create a 125-count exclusive, then do a 75-count variant?  You have yourself a very sought-after model.

And although realism might not be the strength of these two fire engines, the zamac look is fantastic.

I took these photos right after returning from the Gathering that year, hence they are a little darker than what I do now.  I hope that is ok.

Matchbox Pierce Dash Fire Truck (2009 Gathering of Friends Dinner Model; 1 of 125):

Matchbox Pierce Dash Fire Truck (2009 Gathering of Friends Early Registrant exclusive; 1 of 75):

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