First Look: Matchbox Holden UTE SSV…

This is for my Australian friends.  The UTE is such a popular car and casting there, but I would imagine this model will get mixed reviews.  It does from me.

I have really liked this casting since its debut in 2010.  Just plain good-looking, always in great colors, and a no-brainer choice for Matchbox.  This is the first time I don’t like it.  The design is ok, and I do like the wheels, but it just doesn’t work.  Maybe because white models at least need headlights.  I can handle the lack of tail lights, and I understand the preference that side design gets, mainly because it is what a customer sees on the pegs.  But the minute you see the blank front, especially on a white model, it is disappointing.  But I am a completist with this casting, so into the collection it goes…

In the future, if side design is the way to go, throw some disk wheels on it and dress it up in police livery.  Now that would be fun.

Matchbox 2010 Holden UTE SSV (2012 basic range):


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