Variation alert: Two more wheel variations on the Hot Wheels BMW M3 GT2…

It has probably become evident that I collect wheel variations, especially if they are found on my beloved imports and sports cars.  If I casting I really like appears with different, rest assured will try my hardest to either find it or acquire it.

And in my pursuits, I have noticed that some castings seem to have a knack for wheel varis.  The 2010 Infiniti G37, for example, produced FIVE wheel variations among only two versions, and since then I have 10 wheel variations among only 5 colors.  (I need to do a post on those.)
It appears the BMW M3 GT2 is another.  We already reported on the white version with MC5 wheels, but now we have two more to show.  
The first is another wheel variation on the white version.  This is the only BMW reported with J5 wheels, and it was found by HWC collector six-pack in Canada.  I acquired it in trade.

The J5 arrived yesterday, and today I found the fourth wheel variation, this time on the black recolor:

This appears to be a transitional vari, as the chrome-lipped rims are the same as the white version.  I found this at a rural Kmart here in Utah in a 9-pack.  The exclusive was the Passin Gasser.  There were several packs with the BMW, but only one has chrome-lipped rims.  I haven’t heard of this reported before, but this is an easy one to miss.
Now, because I love my wheel vari’s, some pics of all of these beauties:

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