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First Look: Matchbox Blizzard Buster…

We continue our look at several new models, so let’s jump back into the Matchbox pool.

Now this new Matchbox won’t generate even close to the same amount of excitement as the Seagrave, but it is not hard to like at all.  A polar vehicle like this one is a nice addition to the Matchbox lineup, and the color and design are truly nice.  I think that collectors will like this one, although they won’t be knocking down the doors at Walmart to get it.

Man, when I am out of my street car element, I don’t have much to say…

Matchbox Blizzard Buster (2012 New Models):

And, once again, get the Blizzard Buster, Seagave, or any other Mattel model over at Wheel Collectors, the best diecast store on the web.  Just mention the Lamley Group and you get 10% off.  And don’t forget to Like them on Facebook.  You might find yourself a winner of a yet-to-hit-pegs Treasure Hunt…


First Look, Matchbox


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