Mattel Design Center is now the HANDLER TEAM CENTER…

This email from Matchbox designer Dave Weise to Matchbox Ambassador Shabbir Malik and collector Jim Gallegos was just forwarded to me by Jim:

Jim, forgot to mention to you and Shabbir that we had a special event here at 
the Design Center last Friday.  The Mattel Design Center was renamed 
(rededicated) in honor of Ruth and Elliot Handler, the founders of Mattel.
The building has been renamed: HANDLER TEAM CENTER (HTC) as of last Friday.  You 
can check online about the news coverage .  The Lobby has been slightly revised 
to honor the Handlers . 

See link below to read about the rededication.

Since both you and Shabbir have been to the design center before, I thought you 
would be interested in sharing this with the community.

Thanks and best regards, 
Dave W


I too have been to the (new) HTC and it is quite the sight to behold.  If you ever have a chance to visit, I highly recommend it.  But you can’t just wander in.  It is like a visit to the Wonka Factory for toy collectors…

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