First Look: Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine…

Ah, I remember why I like Matchbox so much…

With all the frustration among collectors about the direction Matchbox has taken this year, there are occasional signs that Matchbox is still the brand so many of us love.  I still consider this a transition year for Matchbox.  Mattel is obviously making a major effort to differentiate their two “wheels” brands, and that has moved Matchbox a little younger.  But things evolve, and my hope is that Mattel will see that Matchbox still needs that element of realism, and we will see some of that return in 2013.

But at least realism is not totally gone.  And is there any better evidence than this new model?  Highly detailed, wonderfully constructed, and just plain beautiful.  I have to think our rabid emergency collector friends will be all over this one.

Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine:

And just like the Hot Wheels Bentley we posted yesterday, the Seagrave is available over at Wheel Collectors, as are ALL of the models we will be featuring in this batch of First Looks.  And remember to mention the Lamley Group for 10% off your entire order.

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  1. I had a hard time believing it was a 3-inch model until I saw the shot of it in blister.

    I don't even collect fire equipment–most heavy trucks elude my collecting grasp–but this is one I am going to have to find. It really is lovely. I hope the '56 Buick and the other police models are as nicely done!

    I cannot see on the chassis … is a scale engraved? If so, what is it?

  2. Hey Christian I am following your blog and enjoying it. I am in the process of redoing all my links to include catalogs, forums, and blogs that I visit, all in separate categories. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey, i'm starting a photo blog just like yours to show my collection and tell little stories about the models…

    Can you give-me some tips to build a mini studio? My camera is a Canon Rebel XT, which is very good, but i don't know how to set up a proper place to produce the images…

    Thanks in advance!

  4. There are a couple low-cost options. I made my own light tent using a cardboard box, muslin fabric, masking tape and bristol board (poster board). Total cost less than $10. I use a desk lamp with a daylight bulb and results are decent with my Sony digital from Walmart. You can also find higher quality light tent kits on eBay for $30-40 that come with lights and a camera stand. JTL might have some other suggestions too.

  5. It's approximately HO scale. (1:87.1) As a model train enthusiast and a fire collector, I'm getting the best of both deals. Rest assured one of these will adorn my layout. Firefighters and the obligatory Dalmatian will be close by.

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