First Look: Hot Wheels Bentley Continental Supersports…

Friends, get ready for a ride…

Starting now, the Lamley Group Blog will go on a run of First Looks that we haven’t done before.  Be prepared for two First Looks a day for AT LEAST the next week, including several brand new models from both Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

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So why not start with a Hot Wheels first – a Bentley!  

I don’t have much to say about this one, other than I am truly happy to see a Bentley in the lineup.  I loved the Matchbox Continental GT, and although the GT and Supersports have little differences aesthetically, I like having them both.  The model is very well done.  My example could be better in terms of tampo placement, but other than that it spot on casting-wise.  Oh, and Hot Wheels…thanks for finally getting acquainted with side mirrors…

Hot Wheels Bentley Continental Supersports (2012 New Models):

With its Matchbox cousin:

Want this model?  It is available over at Wheel Collectors, as are ALL of the models we will be featuring in this batch of First Looks.  And remember to mention the Lamley Group – Matt and the guys over there will give you 10% off your entire order!

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  1. Awful tampos on the HW, huh?

    Seriosly. I'm not gettin' one if i only find models with this bad finishing.

    It ruins the model so much that i don't even like it, though i believe it's a well done one…

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