The Lamley Group Model of the Day: Matchbox 2011 Toy Fair Exclusive International Workstar Brush Fire Truck…

Yeah, probably the longest title for our Model of the Day so far.  Oh well.

It is Matchbox Monday, so of course we are featuring a Matchbox model.  And this is one I am quite fond of.  If you haven’t detected, I am a car guy.  And if you have been reading previous posts, you have also read me say that.  Frankly, I should stop qualifying myself before presenting a non-car.

Firetrucks have always been some of the most beloved Matchbox models.  The brand’s history of realism has attracted many emergency collectors, and they are a vocal bunch.  If they like a model, they let everyone know.  If they don’t, they do the same.  I enjoy that kind of passion.  Who wouldn’t?

In the case of the International Brush Fire Truck, Matchbox got a resounding thumbs up.  And just look at it.  There is not much to complain about.  Of course, this exact Toy Fair livery may not be the most realistic livery, but there is no denying the model is a looker.

This is my favorite fire model, but who would listen to me?  I am a car guy.  Have I made that obvious?

Mattel clearly pulls out all the stops for the Toy Fair models, for obvious reasons.  They want the dealers’ and distributers’ business.  The next Toy Fair model is due later this summer, and it will be interesting to see what it is.  Why does the word “Seagrave” keep floating in my head?

Matchbox 2007 International Workstar Brush Fire Truck (2011 Toy Fair Model):

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