Variation alert: HW Mystery COPO Camaro Zamac…

Many thanks to MCCH member Mr. Lobo (his friends know him as Jorge) for pointing this new variation out.  After he let me know, I went out looking for it, and sure enough I found it.

The Hot Wheels Mystery Batch B COPO Camaro has already provided a few variations, none stranger than the blue stripe vari we reported yesterday.  Who knows if another blue stripe will appear, but if it doesn’t there is already enough to look for.  After reporting the normal grey and metalflake silver versions, we have another paint vari.

It can now be found as a zamac, or unpainted:

Hard to see?  We will try some comparison pics.

With the normal grey:

Zamac in front:

With the metalflake:

And all three:

It might be a little on the extreme side, but these three are definitely different.  Good luck using the tiny window in the Mystery bags to find them…

3 Replies to “Variation alert: HW Mystery COPO Camaro Zamac…”

  1. Nice find, well spotted! I'm guessing it wasn't an intentional variation?

    I remember the same thing happened with the GMC Motorhome TH in '09.

  2. I just can't see the difference on my monitor for the zamac. But what I can see is 2 extremley different locations of “Camaro” on the hood.

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