Announcing an exciting new partnership between The Lamley Group and Wheel Collectors!! Get 10% off all the latest Hot Wheels and Matchbox…

We here at the Lamley Group are VERY excited to announce another large step for the blog.  One of the largest independent Hot Wheels and Matchbox sellers around, Matt over at Wheel Collectors, a passionate Hot Wheels collector himself, has partnered with the Lamley Group to give our followers a 10% discount on everything in his store.

If you are wondering how we get our hands on the very latest models just as they come out, look no further than Wheel Collectors.  I have been purchasing from them for some time, and the fast shipping has allowed me to post First Looks of many models that will not be in the big box stores for some time. For example, we previewed the brand new Porsche Boxster almost a month ago, and it still will not be at Walmart for another week or two.  That is a month and a half early.

Anyway, Matt has been gracious enough to give a 10% discount on the entire order to anyone who mentions the Lamley Group when they purchase from Wheel Collectors on eBay.  It can be basics, cases, Hot Ones, Boulevards, Matchbox, you name it…

So now when you see a new model previewed here, just follow the link we provide to go and grab said model from Wheel Collectors, and make sure to mention the Lamley Group to get the discount!!

You can also follow Wheel Collectors on Facebook to get the latest updates on what they have in stock and the latest customs they have put together.

Thanks again Matt and welcome to the blog!!

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