Trying to make sense of the great Hot Wheels Mustang mixup of 2012…

After looking for months, I finally found one of the 2010 Mustang/Laguna Seca body switches.  While I am not privey to all the goings on at the Mattel factory, apparently these two castings are way too easy to mix up, and it has made hunting all the more fun for variation and error collectors.

Shall we try to walk through all the confusion?

This year, HW debuted the Mustang Laguna Seca:

And also released the 2010 Mustang GT casting in police livery:

And as both were released about the same time, the confusion began.  The Laguna Seca was found with the 2010 Mustang GT body.  It was best shown by HWC member vwnut13:

The easiest way to tell the two apart is the side mirrors.  The Laguna Seca has side mirrors, the Mustang GT does not.  The Laguna Seca also has large rear wheel wells.

Soon after this discovery, the roles were reversed, and the 2010 Mustang Police was found with the Laguna Seca body (from HWC member sandman201):

Soon the Laguna Seca was recolored, and the switch appeared again (from HWC member guzziv700):

And recolored again (thanks suprakid94):

And that leaves my finds from yesterday, the 2010 Mustang GT recolor:

So depending on when we see these castings again, it seems plausible that this switcheroo will keep happening.
Does this make you a bit tired?

2 Replies to “Trying to make sense of the great Hot Wheels Mustang mixup of 2012…”

  1. Not tired, but frustrated the we have a passion for something that doesn't treat us right on return hahaha

    Also, there is the bigger rear wheels on the Boss body. They make the mistake even easier to spot…



  2. I'm happy I've got the right models, I had no idea this mistakes existed, or where this common!

    I still think this is a remarkable thing. Not the mistakes, obviously, but the reason. The castings are so similar in size, for the many versions of the latest generation Mustang, Camaro and others, are the same scale, and that is a wonderful detail from Mattel.

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