The Lamley Group Model of the Day: Matchbox 2004 Superfast 1970 Plymouth Cuda…

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Today’s MotD is somewhat of a rarity in the current Matchbox lineup – a MB muscle car. I think Mattel prefers to leave most of the muscle car work to the blue brand, so it is not too often a muscle car makes it into the lineup.

But when Matchbox started the NSF (New Superfast) line in 2004, it was aimed at collectors, and collectors love their muscle. So the lineup saw Camaros, Chevelles, Mustangs, and this awesome Cuda.

I love everything about this model – the metal flake silver, chrome base, high stance, etc. – except for those wheels. Definitely not Matchbox’s finest hour in the wheel department, but they have since made up for them with some great wheels.

At least the rest of the car makes up for its shoes.

Matchbox 1970 Plymouth Cuda (2004 NSF)

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  1. Oh, this 'Cuda is great, but the wheels are indeed terrible. IMHO the best version of it is the black from the 2009 10-pack. I remember, I bought the 10 pack only for that car, and it was actually in Shanghai China, when I was on business trip there.

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