The Lamley Group Model of the Day: HW 2012 Hot Ones Chevy Silverado…

Hot Wheels’ Hot Ones series has been a huge hit with collectors.  Old-school designs, heavy metal bases, and of course those classic wheels have collectors gobbling them up.  Except maybe for me.

Even though I was a Matchbox/Hot Wheels fanatic as a kid, I don’t get too nostalgic about the cars.  In fact, every car I owned as a kid is gone, replaced by current models that I think look better.  But as always, that is just me.

I do peruse the Hot Ones pegs occasionally, and with a Supra and Honda CR-X coming soon, I will keep looking.  And occasionally I bring one home.  As I did with this Silverado.  It is the only version I have of this truck, and I may add only the Off-Road Racing version to it.  But this one stands out with the bright colors, and the wheels look fantastic.  So into the collection it goes, definitely a fish-out-of-water with that nostalgic look…

Hot Wheels 2012 Hot Ones Chevrolet Silverado Pickup:

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  1. I love the vintage feel of the Hot Ones series.In Brazil the distribution is very irregular and unfortunatelly i don't have an international credit card so i guess i'll have to deal with not gettin many of them.

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