The Lamley Group Model of the Day: HW FTE ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge…

I have said it already many times here that I don’t consider myself a muscle car guy. I should clarify that it does not mean I hate muscle cars. I just don’t have the knowledge or appreciation that many Hot Wheels collectors have, especially those in the US.

But I think I can appreciate a good muscle car. A 67 Mustang, a 69 Camaro, 71 Cuda, among others have the ability to stop me dead in my tracks if I see them on the street.

Another member of that group is the Pontiac GTO from either 1969, 1970, or 1971. I am not a GTO expert, but I do know that GTO’s from any of those years are some of my favorite muscle cars.

Hot Wheels has treated the GTO from that era very well the last few years, and none better than the 69. Since I am not a completist with muscle car castings, I tend to only add stock or stock-looking models to the collection. For that reason I only have three versions of the ’69, all from its new models release in 2005.

Of those, my favorite is this beauty in black, made to look even better with the copper-plated FTE wheels. This is one of my all-time favorite FTE models, and Sunday’s Model of the Day…

Hot Wheels ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge with Faster Than Ever wheels:

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