Hot Wheels Batch L – what struck my fancy…

We here at the Lamley Group will always try to give you the best set of First Looks as new batches appear.  (Batch N is right around the corner.)  But we won’t preview everything.  Some models we just wait for and pick them up with everyone else.  That is the case with Batch L.

And it should also be noted we don’t pick up everything.  If there is a model from a current batch that you want to get the Lamley treatment, just send us a message on Facebook, or reply here and we can see what can be done.

So here the other models from batch L that struck my fancy:

You have seen these two already:

Ford Torino Talladega in black (first time I have picked this casting up.  I could not ignore the good looks of this one):

COPO Camaro in green:

Dodge Lil (not) Red Express:

Ford Mustang Laguna Seca in blue:

Megane Trophy in red:

One car missing – that superb looking Ferrari Scuderia Treasure Hunt.  No luck finding that one yet.  I hope to soon, and you can bet it will get the FULL DLM treatment when I do.
The Beetle Super is not one I will open unless I found one on a very bad card.  If not, it becomes trade bait for some of the more Lamley-like Supers coming up like the Ford Focus RS and Dodge Charger R/T.

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  1. The Lil Red Express in purple is one of the most ridiculous decisions Mattel ever made.The Torino is fantastic. I don't like the grey base, but i'll get one anyway.

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