Lamley Group Model of the Day: 2007 Matchbox Volvo C30 in white…

Let’s take the Model of the Day across the hall to Matchbox today.

I wanted to pick something a little less known, and a model that never seemed to generate a ton of excitement, despite its good looks.

I should get a bit more specific.  It didn’t generate a lot of excitement in the US.  This is a much more Euro-centric car, and therefore many collectors and consumers passed it by here in the States.  I still occasionally find the first edition C30 on the pegs.  And remember this model was released 5 years ago…

But I like the real car a lot (especially since its facelift), and I love this particular version done by Matchbox.  It was exclusive to the 2007 First Edition 10-pack, and this version blew away its two basic range counterparts.  If this model in white and gold were in the basic range, it would sold a lot more quickly.

But slow sales has relegated this model to the past, even though it is relatively young.  I hope we see it again sporting some more cool colors.

Matchbox Volvo C30, 2007 First Editions 10-pack edition:

Keep coming back.  We will have another MotD tomorrow, and I always take requests.  We will also continue our series on rare Matchbox models from the Mattel era tomorrow, so we will see you then.  Remember to visit us daily and like us on Facebook!

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