DLMer’s view of the new Matchbox Batmobile and rest of 2012 batch H…

As promised, proper pics of the new Matchbox Batch H models found today at Walmart:

Crop Master (recolor)


Dodge Ram SRT10

Porsche 911 GT3

Austin FX London Taxi

Lotus Evora

Land Rover Defender 110


As I said before, this is a much better batch than the last one.  The highlights for me are the Porsche in blue with great side graphics (too bad the headlights and taillights are missing), and the Lotus Evora.  Great color, and note the full tampo hit on the rear.  It looks great.

As far as the Batmobile goes, I honestly don’t know what to think.  Fantasy vehicles rarely do anything for me, and the Batmobile falls into that category.  I think it is very nicely done, and will be a great playset model in the future.  But my hope is that this is it for the basic range.  It just doesn’t fit anywhere.

That being said, you walk into any Walmart or Target right now, and you can see the Batman promotions are being amped up in preparation for the movie.  Hot Wheels has released several Batman lines, including all the old basic models.  So it doesn’t surprise me that there was a high-up decision to get Matchbox in on the action.  So it is here whether we like it or not, it looks good, and hopefully it takes its place in future playsets and gives up its spot in the basic range for another realistic model.

One other note – the Land Rover Defender has been modified.  Much of the roof is now plastic to keep production costs down, and the front pillar intake is now on the correct side, opposite the driver.

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  1. I have the porsche 911 and a batmobile but both boxes advertise the batmobile and was wondering if it would be worth any thing

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