Lamley Group Model of the Day: 2011 HW Datsun 240Z Super Treasure Hunt…


Ah, after a large Ferrari kick, let’s go back to some familiar ground.  I love Japanese cars, especially classic, or nostalgic, Japanese cars.  This blog will have its share of tributes to 510’s, Skylines, Civics, Subies, and many others as we move forward.

Today we look at a classic in HW premium duds.  A Super Treasure Hunt last year that I could not find, and finally acquired via trade.  A stellar model to say the least.  With the Datsun last year and Honda this year, I am holding out hope that we see a Skyline Super next year.  Or at least in the Boulevard series.


2011 Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z Super Treasure Hunt:

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