Lamley Group Model of the Day: 2012 HW Ferrari 458 Italia in white…

If you can’t tell by my blog posts, I have been on a bit of a Ferrari kick lately.  Funny thing, if you talked to me just a few years ago I would have told you that I was not a huge Ferrari fan.  Driving one?  A huge fan.  Looking at one?  Not so much.  Since some of the classic Ferraris in the early 80’s, I have found many since to be a little extreme looking.  That started to change with the Scuderia, 599 GTB, and the California, and then I saw the 458 Italia.

The car is just plain gorgeous.  That was confirmed the other day when I was on an important call while sitting in my car in a parking lot.  I was mid-sentence when a dark grey Italia with jet black rims drove by.  I completely lost my concentration to the amusement of my colleague.  I had to rewind a bit and start the discussion over.  That does not happen all the time.  
So consider me a fan of Hot Wheels’ very heathy relationship with Ferrari.  I have gobbled up every version of current Ferrari castings I can find.  And with the 599XX Super Treasure Hunt and 458 Italia Spider castings joining the collection recently, I might be a little Ferrari-dominated lately.  My love of Japanese Nostalgics is quite strong, and will eventually show itself here, but let’s enjoy another Ferrari for now.
This particular version of the 458 is my favorite so far.  The MC5 wheels work better than the OH5s they had used previously, the white color is cool, and I love the Italian colors along the side.  Truly an Italian Stallion.
Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia (2012 version):

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