Matchbox variation alert: Jungle Adventure 5-pack Land Rover 90 with small utility rims…

Hooray for our first Matchbox variation alert!  It has been awhile.
I came across the latest batch of 5-packs in the US yesterday, and while I was there, I noticed the Land Rover 90 looked different.  I could not remember if the wheels on it were correct, so I referenced my photobucket on my trusty iphone, and just my luck, the site was down.  So I took a photo of the LR 90 and left it in case I was wrong on my hunch.
I wasn’t wrong.  I looked at the model I have, and sure enough the first issues of the LR 90 have 8-cog wheels.  So it will be back to the store next week to pick it up and give it the proper photo treatment.

What I saw:

What I have:

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