First Look: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt…

Well, First Look might be stretching it.  We previewed the basic version of the Ferrari 599XX a couple of weeks ago, and our very good friend Doug over at T-Hunted has given us plenty of looks of the Super TH on his fantastic blog.

But we at the Lamley Group have finally gotten a chance to shoot the new TH, and we call it a First Look if it is a model that is yet to be found on the pegs.  And outside of all of that, I haven’t been more excited for a TH, uh, well, maybe ever.  This is one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings, and a very deserving model to get the TH treatment.

So, enough talk, enjoy the pics:

Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt

Have I mentioned before that it is quite liberating to open a Super Treasure Hunt?  I have?  Oh well, try it sometime.

I know these wheels are not everyone’s favorite premium wheels, but considering they are patterned after the Ferrari star rim, they work very well here.  I don’t know if HW makes a wheel at this point that would work better.  A flush 10-spoke wheel would be a good idea to take to the HW drawing board for the future.

Here it is with its basic counterpart:

And while we are here, why not pics of all the other versions of the popular casting, which debuted in the Speed Machines line a couple of years ago.  Hot Wheels treated us to four versions:

Can you tell which of the Speed Machine version I like the best?  (Hint – they have the most photos.)
No word on a basic recolor, but let’s hope we get one.  This is definitely a “more-the-merrier” casting…

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6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. Wow…Wow!! That is fantastic! Possibly my favorite $uper so far. I just wish I could find any super, though. Great blog/site. It's bookmarked

  2. The Super is another model i'm already doing some meditation for not getting frustated when people start opening boxes o get them before they reach the shelves and start selling them for 10x the price.

  3. i'm with you on that one luiz…very frustrating when the actual shelf toy stockers are the ones keeping the cream of the crop before we are even able to get our hands on them…i collect….not sell for profit…it's super frustrating when that happens…

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