"Uh, what does DLM stand for?"

I have gotten this question quite a bit lately.  It is probably appropriate that I explain.

“DLM” stands for “Diecast Liberation Movement”, a termed attributed to my Lamley counterpart, David Tilley, and most closely associated with Matchbox collectors.  Mr. Tilley has taken the DLM movement to absurd, some say excruciating heights.  He opens EVERYTHING.

It probably culminated a few years ago, when at the Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, David was awarded a 1-of-1 gold plated Routemaster Bus made by Mattel to thank him for his time serving as Matchbox Ambassador.  The bus was bolted to a wooden plinth and encased in plexiglass.  David not only opened the case and unscrewed the bus from its secure rivets, but he then RACED THE BUS DOWN A HOT WHEELS TRACK!!

Other collectors looked on in horror as the bus rattled around at the end of the track.  It did not phase David one bit.  He has put many rare Matchbox models down the track for kicks.

Nonetheless, the term “DLM” has caught on with most Matchbox collectors, and has evolved into a verb. Like the term “google” went from the name of a search engine to an actual verb meaning “search on the internet”, “DLM” now means “to free a diecast car from its packaging”.

The Lamley Group is a full DLM supporter.  Obviously, with one half being the DLM king himself.  I have kept a handful of cars carded, but it takes effort to keep them that way.  I have done ok so far.  Plus, what good is a photo here if we can’t get all the detail of the model?

Just like the Hot Wheels collectors introduced the term “RAOK” to the collecting world, let’s make “DLM” a universal term in the hobby.

Long live the DLM!!


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  1. I'm totally into the DLM thing.More than just have the car in our hands, we can apreciate the model as a whole, being able to see both sides and how they stand on their own.

  2. I thought DLM had to do with your (amazing) photos…I am a huge fan of DLM. I only have 5 packaged cars in my whole collection. A wheel error, and some vintage (70s) cars. I got one of those editor hiway haulers from HWC, and, after a day of staring at it through a layer of plastic, I ripped it open.

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