Matchbox Ambassador Update Part 2: Some Q/A feedback from Mattel

Also just released by Shabbir:

Dear All,
Mattel has provided feedback to some of the questions that were submitted to them earlier. These questions are related to the miniature line. Hope to have more answers soon.
As usual, feel free to distribute these to your club members, fellow collectors, post them on various sites; more the better. However, please provide all credit to Mattel for providing this information to us.
Q. Can we expect to see European emergency liveries in the miniature line anytime soon?
A. More coming in 2013
Q. Can Mattel look into introducing trailers that can be used with cars/SUVs that has two hooks?
A. No new trailers are planned
Q. Can we get to see a sneak peak picture of the 1952 Seagrave Fire Pumper to be released in 2012?
A. Already done.
Q. Will the 2012 line have a new ambulance with roof light on cab like 1996 or 2005 models?
A. No but stay tuned for 2013
Q. Can we expect to see the Routemaster Bus back in the standard line?
A. Not mainline for 2012
Q. Can some of the old castings be brought back into the miniature line or in five packs? For example, Ford Transit, Cadillac Fleetwood, Chevy SSR, 1971 Camaro, Chevy Bel Air, 1965 Mustang Fastback convertible, Alfa Romeo, Honda Element, Pontiac Vibe, and some of the older emergency models just to name a few .
A. No on the Honda Element. The others could return as the need arises in the future.
Q. Will we ever see MB779 (1966 Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior?). This model was going to enable more colors to the Alfa that were not possible with the GTA Sprint?
A. No decision to add it to the line for the future.
Q. Has the plastic bodied Express Delivery Van been given a new MAN #? (MB787? Or MB813? Or something else?)
A. MB813 is the new number for the plastic body version.
Q. Can the real Stock Cars be brought back into the miniature line or in its own line?
A. Not at this time.
Q. Can Mattel look into releasing a series of 1950’s or 1960’s models? For example Hudson Hornet similar to the Doc Hudson from the CARS lineup.
A. We will continue to have some classic models in the basic line but not as a separate line.
Q. Has any thoughts been given to display the artwork from the basic range models on the Internet? Many people would enjoy the artwork and being able to possibly download it, or make pictures out of it.
A. We have no plans to do this as there could be IP issues.
Q. Is the new generic Batmobile casting going to appear in the basic range, or will it be exclusive to Play set? Perhaps a licensed Batman themed five pack?
A.  The Batmobile which has been shown will be available in both the basic line and in a themed play set for 2013. It is no relation to any movie version.
Q. The 1995 Ford Transit that appeared in the first five Pack of 2012 has a different light bar. Does this mean it has a new MAN number?
A. It is now MB848
More updates later as I get feedback from Mattel.
Happy Collecting. 

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