Erroneous encounters in May…

I do enjoy the hunt, and occasionally an error or two finds its way into my hands.  I have to think for every error I find, I miss at least 10.  Other collectors have perfected the skill, and won’t let a no-window, mismatched wheel, unriveted base, or no tampo get by.
When I come across an error, I don’t always buy it.  A no tampo or mismatched wheel error will usually head home with me, while others usually stay at the store.  But I can still take photos with the trusty iphone.

So, at the end of each month I will try to document the errors I bought at the store, acquired by other means, or photographed and left.

BMW 2002 with reversed windows and paint smudges:

Nissan Skyline mismatched wheel errors:

Nissan Z with no front tampo:

Chevy Nova with small rear wheels:

Buick Grand National with mismatched wheels:

Lastly, these three special cars:

Infiniti G37 with Aston Martin DBS interior:

All three of the Infinitis were RAOK’d to me.  The carded by HWC member TEPEagle.  No one has a better eye for errors than Thad, and he found this one carded and sent it over to me as a gift.  The other two were sent by HWC member tranqv.  Vinnie got word of my love of the Infiniti casting and the unique error mixing it with one of my other favorite castings, and sent them over.
Many many thanks to both Thad and Vinnie.  These three will be very much appreciated…

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  1. I've found an orange BMW2002 with the inverted windows.

    I noticed when i opened the package to put it into my display. Since i though it was a stupid error, i went back to the store and changed it for some onthe model i don't remember…

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